At Cascades Luxury, we take immense pride in curating a collection of premium brands that exemplify excellence, authenticity, and innovation. 

Each brand we carry is carefully selected to offer you an unparalleled experience that embodies luxury, quality, and sophistication.

Boadicea the Victorious is an independent British fragrance brand that derives inspiration from pivotal historical moments. The brand has meticulously curated a range of gender-neutral perfumes, encapsulating the very essence of British identity and exemplary craftsmanship. Crafted by accomplished British artisans, each bottle chronicles the brand's commitment to preserving British heritage and values. This fusion of time-honored traditions, legacy, and enduring opulent refinement positions Boadicea the Victorious as a profound tribute to beauty, resilience, and dignity.

Arabian Oud has always stayed faithful to its goal: To produce oils and fragrances of incomparable quality, using the finest raw materials. They are proud of the fact that their work continues to be recognized through multiple industry awards. Their most remarkable recent successes include two awards at the 2017 edition of the Fragrance Foundation Arabia awards – the “Oscars” of the fragrance world – in the Arabian Prestige Male and Arabian Prestige Female categories.

Beverly Hills, California, boasts an unparalleled global reputation for luxury and glamour. Nestled amongst lush tropical foliage and blessed with idyllic California weather, the city is a haven for movie stars and millionaires, epitomizing the zenith of aspiration. Their fragrances are meticulously tailored for a diverse spectrum of individuals, ranging from the youthful and spirited to the seasoned and sophisticated - encompassing all walks of life.

The tale's origins can be traced back to 1920, as Guido Galardi's journey begins. In a modest workshop nestled in Florence, Guido embarks on his experimentation, delving into the realm of aromatic concoctions. His fascination leads him to gather the blossoming "Spigo," the lavender flowers that grace the hills of Florence. Within this pursuit, a medley of essential oils, fragrant solutions, and perfumed sachets takes shape. These distinctive elements become the very essence that molds and inspires the renowned brand known as Bottega Italiana Spigo 1920 (BOIS 1920). As time unfolds, the brand gains global prominence, accompanied by a chorus of accolades that affirm its stature.

With over fifty years of experience in the Fragrance Industry, Christian Provenzano is officially recognized as a Master Perfumer. His creations have been instrumental in the triumph of prestigious fragrance brands across the globe. This profound passion and expertise in essential oils trace back to Provenzano's childhood in Morocco, where he was immersed in the presence of some of the most evocative ingredients employed in the realm of perfumery.

Evident on each bottle of Clive Christian perfume to this very moment is the enduring iconic image—a testament to Queen Victoria's crown majestically adorning the perfume caps. This enduring emblem serves as a perpetual reminder, originating from a gracious gesture that commemorates a profoundly significant and cherished bond shared with one of Britain's most illustrious monarchs.

Prestige perfumes take you on a voyage of sensory delight, transporting you to another realm. A realm of majesty where exclusive fragrances, consciously crafted by master perfumers and only from the finest ingredients, can transform thoughts, feelings and emotions. Encounter evocative, signature scents that touch the soul leaving indelible memories to all who encounter them.

The classical given name Horatio, signifying a "keeper of time," acts as a profound source of inspiration for a distinguished perfume house dedicated to crafting timeless olfactory masterpieces. This evocative name stands as the guiding force behind an assortment of meticulously handcrafted creations. Its significant association extends to Lord Horatio Nelson, a towering figure in Britain's naval history, celebrated for his strategic brilliance in warfare and his enduring, passionate romance with Lady Hamilton. Esteemed by both his compatriots and his nation, Lord Nelson's triumphant demise in the victory at Trafalgar bestowed upon him his ultimate conquest—immortality.

The series of new perfumes by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin includes creations that serve as a reflection of modern Berlin. Designed for fragrance connoisseurs and individualists, they exude confidence without the need for being overtly loud. They embody a cosmopolitan and timeless essence, remaining both original and authentic while transcending any mainstream attitude.

The brand draws inspiration from the realm of beauty, particularly from the Indian culture where "kajal" signifies kohl. Additionally, Kajal finds influence in the Arabic term "khajal," embodying qualities of humility, modesty, and the regard for others with dignity and respect.

Conceived with the intention of revisiting the fundamental core of perfumery, the brand was established to accentuate the enchanting facets of fragrance and its remarkable ability to invoke transformation. Furthermore, it encapsulates various life stages, aspirations, and inner fortitude, aiming to immortalize cherished recollections. The creative force behind LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES, Philippe, possesses a diverse and insatiable fascination for language, flavors, and aqueous surroundings, positioning him as the imaginative genius behind the brand.

The fragrances of Mutis Nueva Granada are infused with these atmospheres, delicately poised between myth and reality. Their potent essence, often carrying sensual and erotic undertones, serves as olfactory interpretations of this timeless realm. Within this suspended dimension, spaces expand, time dilates, and rationality yields to emotion.

Noeme Paris fragrances celebrate the timeless and immutable mystery of existence. They are a product of imagination and whimsy, offering an inquisitive olfactory exploration beyond nature's grand veil. The brand's logo harmoniously melds two age-old symbols: the "eye of the gods" from the Incas, representing a gateway to the concealed essence of the world, and the Ouroboros, the serpent biting its tail—a motif shared across ancient civilizations, symbolizing eternal cycles.

OMANLUXURY is an independent perfume house founded in 2012 following the meeting of Muatasim, Muadh, and Ahmed. United in their vision, they embarked on a journey to craft an authentic olfactory representation of Oman. Utilizing the finest ingredients, their aim was to artfully blend the country's culture and heritage with a contemporary twist, resulting in a collection of exquisite and personalized fragrances.

The PANTHEON-ROMA project originates from extensive expertise garnered at the pinnacle of Italian and global Art Perfumery. Guided by Paolo Fadelli, who collaborates with his son Leone, the brand aspires to encapsulate three decades of involvement in marketing and management roles for highly esteemed brands across both Italian and international markets.

Established in 1996, Rivage derives inspiration from the rejuvenating attributes of the Dead Sea for its skincare and haircare creations. This age-old natural sanctuary, revered since 3000 BC, forms the cornerstone of Rivage's product line, seamlessly marrying time-honored minerals and botanicals with contemporary finesse. The brand's array of offerings is meticulously designed to synergize with the skin, fostering rejuvenation, purification, and nourishment, ultimately delivering a comprehensive spa-like encounter within the comforts of home.

Roberto Ugolini's perfumes embody timelessness, uniqueness, and refined elegance. Adorning oneself with one of these fragrances is akin to selecting a meticulously handcrafted leather shoe or a bag created by the skilled hands of a Florentine artisan. Every detail mirrors the dedication of extensive hours of affectionate labor and a profound appreciation for history and tradition. These scents enhance, rather than overshadow, the wearer's individuality and their quest for distinctiveness.

Evident on every bottle of Clive Christian perfume to this very moment is the enduring iconic image—a testament to Queen Victoria's crown majestically adorning the perfume caps. This timeless emblem serves as an everlasting reminder, stemming from a gracious gesture that commemorates a profoundly significant and cherished bond shared with one of Britain's most illustrious monarchs.

Spirit of Kings is an exclusive international luxury brand, drawing inspiration from the enduring legacy of artistic excellence nurtured by English royal patronage rooted in Spain. Spirit of Kings is a youthful luxury perfume brand with a deep-rooted heritage, commemorating a wealth of history within a modern context. Consequently, the brand's products not only convey opulence and superior quality on a superficial level but also establish a robust basis for conveying meaningful narratives that propel the brand's evolution and elevation.

Both a painter and poet, Stéphane Humbert Lucas pursued painting studies under the guidance of a Flemish master in the South of France. He developed expertise in the tempera technique, immersing himself in the interplay of pigments and their textures. Stephane Humbert Lucas Paris serves as a canvas for its creator's artistic sensibility and boundless creativity, with no room for marketing compromises. Each creation begins with a blank canvas, upon which hues, musical notes, poetry, and imagery gradually find their place.

Fragrance made personal. Imagined by French perfumer and entrepreneur Emmanuelle Moeglin, EPC is demystifying the secret art of perfumery and making it personal. Through our training academy and fine fragrance collections, we empower people to explore, experience and experiment with fragrances. We believe everyone can be the designer of their own personalised perfume.

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