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Boadicea the Victorious is an independent British fragrance brand. Taking a defining moment in history as their inspiration, they have created a range of gender neutral perfumes that are quintessentially British and of incomparable quality. Each one of the iconic bottles has been hand crafted by some of Britain’s finest artisans, and illuminates how the brand champions British heritage and values. A fusion of tradition, heritage and timeless classic luxury, Boadicea the Victorious is the ultimate celebration of beauty, strength and nobility. View Collections
Noème Paris takes its name from the philosophical concept of what is beyond human consciousness, hidden from our eyes. It exalts and makes us live in an unknown land. Indiscreet, it reveals through its collection of perfumes the secrets that our world hides.
Rich and unknown, Noème makes you discover it through a sumptuous collection of five fragrances with captivating scents. Experience a sensual and olfactory journey. Tempt luck and destiny. View Collections
Liquides Imaginaries was created by Philippe Di Meo, Marseillais and transplanted to Paris designer and founder of Reso Design. He is renowned for his creations made for, as example, Baccarat, Dior, Guerlian, CocaCola, Moet et Chandon and Christofle, with the cooperation of David Frossard, founder of the distribution label Differentes Latitudes.
More than a perfume,it is a myth, a lure. On the previous vial, the following appears in the master's hand: "Grant Favours to the one who possesses you". View Collections
Pantheon Roma perfumes are inspired by one of the most beautiful love stories of the Italian Renaissance which is told in a collection of extraits de parfum. These are stories that have left an imprint. This is the story of an artist who has left a mark. And a question: "Is it possible to die of love?"
The Pantheon Roma line comprises five pure Extraits de Parfum. Brand creators prefer not to reveal full olfactory pyramids, but rather use term of Emotive Pyramids which just highlight the main direction fragrances. The project wants to show modern people that there is always a way to dream: searching for beauty and love. View Collections
Bois 1920 is a brand of artisan perfumes from Florence that expresses the Galardi family's passion for the art of perfume – making which is handed down from one generation to another.
Today Bois 1920 represents the added value in the niche perfumery sector playing an active role towards new olfactory versions that need to be explored and worn. A role that engage, inspire and harmonize our senses. View Collections
J.F. Schwarzlose are  Purveyors of fine perfumes since 1856, the history of heritage house J.F. Schwarzlose deserves to be captured in a movie.
From piano-maker to perfumer, the historic Schwarzlose Berlin have been selling scents since 1856, beloved by the royal courts of Europe and Chinese Emperors alike. This always-innovative perfumery has survived war, inflation and changing tastes by always being one step ahead. View Collections
Christian Provenzano, master perfumer admired around the world, is delighted to personally create a fragrance brand in his own name that many have been waiting for a long time.
After a life spent in the world of fragrances, a continuous journey of discovery, inspiration and creativity, the master has an encyclopaedic knowledge of global ingredients and an unrivalled expertise in creating and blending decadent and award winning fragrances.
This is demonstrated by the surprising and exceptional success it has achieved in the last forty years working for the most flourishing and renowned brands in the world; the “best kept” secret behind their most popular fragrances. View Collections
Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 is a new brand founded by Stéphane Humbert Lucas, the creator and nose behind brands Nez a Nez and SoOud.
The number seven is a personal favorite of Lucas, as well as having spiritual and symbolic importance throughout history. The "777" in the logo and brand name symbolize spirituality, protection and luck.
The Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 collection offers fragrances created with precious essences, packaged in luxurious oriental-themed bottles and boxes. View Collections
Spirit of Kings is a luxury niche perfume house founded in 2019.
Celebrating the aesthetics and history of European craftsmanship, Spirit of Kings is an exclusive, international luxury brand that takes its inspiration from the longstanding heritage of artistic excellence fostered by English royal patronage. The nose behind the brand is the world renowned perfumer - Christian Provenzano. View Collection

Featured Brands