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  • Tricks to make perfume last longer

    Spray the wrist slightly and leave to absorb naturally. If applying a dab on scent just lightly dab on the wrist or pulse point rubbing it in. Fragrance last longer when applied directly after a shower or bath when the skin is warm and pores are open. Always apply fragrance before you put on any
  • Tips on applying Perfume

    The pulse points are the best as they produce heat which is vital in releasing the different fragrance note in the perfume. Many people do not consider the pulse points when spraying themselves or dabbing on their scent but they are key to prolonging fragrance. These are: The wrist The temples on the face The
  • Tips on Candle and Diffusers

    Tips on Candle

    Fragrance Candle Care Store candles in a cool, dry place, preferably flat to prevent warping and out of direct sunlight or harsh indoor lighting, as this can cause fading. Keep it in a dark place like a cupboard or box. Dust, fingerprints and any dirt that has gathered on your candle, can be removed by
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