/  About Cascades Luxury

Our Vision

To be the leading and trusted luxury refuge for Fragrances, Perfume oils, and Skincare products in Nigeria.

We are a Unique one-stop shop focused on becoming the dominant exclusive fragrances, perfume oils and skincare products in Africa, starting from Nigeria.
We are unequivocal about knowing and selecting our unique target market and nurturing them into distinct personalities of taste.

Who We Are

Cascades Luxury Limited is a registered limited liability company in Nigeria with the objective of being the leading and trusted luxury refuge for Fragrances, perfume oils, and skincare products in Nigeria. Our Unique selling points are:

Our unique selling point is that we stock fragrances perfume oils and skincare products whose scents and quality are thoroughly authentic, cosmopolitan, confident, racy, sophisticated.

We also ensure that we create a “Unique Customer Experience” that traverses not just the uniqueness of our partner brands, but also the quality of service and courtesy accorded our clients.

At Cascades Luxury, we have pioneered the introduction of several exclusive luxury fragrances, perfumes oils, and skincare products into the Nigeria market.

Our Flagship Outlets