Tricks to make perfume last longer

Spray the wrist slightly and leave to absorb naturally. If applying a dab on scent just lightly dab on the wrist or pulse point rubbing it in.

Fragrance last longer when applied directly after a shower or bath when the skin is warm and pores are open.

Always apply fragrance before you put on any clothes and jewelry. Some perfumes will affect certain fabrics and leave stains. With jewelry, metals, stones and pearls could be damaged permanently. It is not worth risking and wasting your prized perfume.

Storage of your fragrance is important. As much as we love having our bottles of perfumes on display they should be kept in their original packaging, in a closed cabinet or in a drawer to avoid sunlight rays.

Apply a tiny amount of olive oil, coco butter or shea butter to the pulse point before applying  perfume as it will help the scent last because when we look at perfume, there is a certain amount of alcohol in most fragrances which evaporates on skin and if the skin is dry it goes even quicker.

By CASCADES       

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